Experience industry’s first truly immersive

MediaOps offers the most powerful virtual conference platform for marketing and lead generation.

More than a series of strung together Google Hangouts, the MediaOps virtual platform is a true virtual conference, replete with actual theaters to view the keynotes and presentations, a conference lobby to chat and socialize, a real virtual trade show floor with virtual exhibitor stands equipped with video, downloads and even schwag for you to take.

The DevOps Experience

A Virtual Reality DevOps Conference

MediaOps is the producer of industry’s first true virtual conference, “The DevOps Experience”; featuring Gene Kim, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and industry luminaries, as well as speakers from well-known companies who shared the learnings from their DevOps initiatives.

For Attendees

The summit offers the best networking and learning experience in a fun and engaging way. With just a few clicks attendees can:

  • Join at No Cost
  • Watch it Anywhere, Anytime
  • Meet Thought Leaders
  • Collaborate with Peers
  • Visit Virtual Exhibit Hall
  • Download Information

All without leaving their desk!

For Sponsors

The most cost-effective way to generate more leads, improve lead quality, and build brand awareness through the sales cycle.

  • Easy and Cost Effective
  • Network with Attendees
  • Deliver Premium Content
  • Accelerates Pipeline Deals
  • Get Valuable Analytics
  • No Travel Expenses

For sponsorship opportunities, write to sponsor@devops.com.

MediaOps 2019 Event Calendar

(* MediaOps sponsored events)

February 12-15
IBM Think, San Francisco

March 4  *
Devops DevSecOps Day, San Francisco

March 5-7  *
RSAC, San Francisco

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March 22 *
DevSecOps Days, London

April 2 *
RSA/ DevSecOps Virtual Summit

May 7-9
Red Hat Summit, Boston

May 20-23 *

KubeCon, Barcelona

May 21-23 *
Interop, Las Vegas

June 24-26 *
KubeCon Shanghai

July 16 *
DevSecOps Days- Singapore

August 12-15 *
Jenkins World, San Francisco

September 19 *
DevOps Experience – MediaOps Virtual Event

November 18-21 *
KubeCon North America, San Diego

December 2-5 *
Jenkins World, Lisbon

December 5 *
Predict 2020MediaOps Virtual Event


(* MediaOps sponsored events)